ServicesHub. No-Code software to create Service Marketplaces
With ServicesHub, build a robust services marketplace by leveraging streamlined supplier onboarding, seamless integration, real-time management, and data-driven growth strategies, all designed to simplify and empower every facet of your platform.
Marketplace Configuration
Blackbell's Marketplace Builder provides you with unparalleled control over the operation of your multivendor platform. 
Choose whether you'd like your marketplace to be open for supplier applications or closed to only those suppliers you personally invite. 
Effortlessly establish your minimum commission structure for all transactions, while making online payments a requirement for every order. This ensures a consistent and secure revenue stream for your marketplace. 
Additionally, you have the option to create a dedicated page to showcase all your suppliers, thereby simplifying the customer experience by allowing them to browse suppliers by category and make bookings.
Supplier Onboarding 
Streamlining supplier relationships has never been easier, thanks to Blackbell. 
Our system lets you build a custom CRM to gather essential information from potential suppliers, whether for internal purposes or as search criteria on your platform. 
Automated notifications keep you informed about new supplier applications, allowing you to quickly approve or decline them. 
Before applying to join your marketplace, suppliers will have already created their pages and booking forms from their accounts. You also have the option to guide them in structuring their content according to your preferences.
Supplier Integration
Once a supplier is approved, integrating them into your marketplace is seamless. 
Blackbell allows you to effortlessly insert supplier pages into your platform, granting users instant access to an expanded range of services. Any updates a supplier makes to their page content or booking forms are immediately reflected in your marketplace. 
Customers can browse and book services for a smooth booking experience. 
Additionally, the platform's search and filter options make it incredibly easy for customers to find exactly what they're looking for, providing a truly intuitive user experience.
Marketplace Management
Receive notifications for new orders and ratings, and gain comprehensive insights into all transactions that take place within your marketplace, including chat interactions between suppliers and customers. 
This real-time feedback allows you to catch low reviews and problematic chats, helping you to maintain quality and customer satisfaction across your platform. Automated payments simplify your revenue management. 
As soon as an order is placed, Blackbell automatically deposits your commission into your account, enabling you to scale your revenue without manual effort. 
 Blackbell offers detailed analytics on orders and commissions, allowing you to track your revenue by supplier, time period, and service type. This data-driven approach empowers you to make informed decisions and strategically grow your business.
ServicesHub Pricing. 
Build without code a service marketplace through streamlined supplier onboarding and real-time management.
$ 3,999 /year
Start here for a small a marketplace
  • 1-5 suppliers
  • Live Chat Support
Most Popular
$ 7,999 /year
Start here for a medium marketplace
  • 5-20 suppliers
  • iOS app¬† *fees apply
  • Android app¬† *fees apply
  • Live Chat Support
$ 11,999 /yr
Start here for a large a marketplace
  • 21-40 suppliers
  • iOS app¬† *fees apply
  • Android app¬† *fees apply
  • Phone Support
Start here for a growth marketplace
  • 41+ suppliers
  • iOS app¬† *fees apply
  • Android app¬† *fees apply
  • Phone Support
Expecting more than 10,000 monthly bookings?
"Blackbell has greatly supported our marketplaces business since 2019, enabling us to scale quickly into different territories and in turn drive revenues through various channels. 
The ability for our customers to access a wide range of services from one central platform has been particularly impressive. 
Blackbell has been an excellent addition to our suite of products and services"
Gordon Pennock Director, Ping Services LimitedHandled +$1,000,000 marketplaces bookings with Blackbell

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Focus on What Won't Change
"A lot of companies focus on chasing hot trends or new technology. That’s all fine and good, but the core of your business should be built around the things that people will always want" -
Streamline Operations
Simplify your service-selling process with Blackbell's intuitive platform that handles orders, scheduling, payments, and more, all in one place.
Boost Efficiency
Maximize your productivity and efficiency with Blackbell's scheduling and automation features, enabling you to focus on what you do best - delivering top-notch services to your clients
Expand Reach
Broaden your customer base and expand your business with Blackbell's marketing and communication tools, including broadcast messaging and marketplace integration.
Retain Loyalty
Deliver exceptional customer service with Blackbell's user-friendly Pages and Forms, enabling customers to easily book, purchase, and review your services.
Increase Revenue
Grow your business and increase your revenue with Blackbell's subscription and coupon features, as well as bank transfer and payment processing capabilities.
Gain Insights
Make data-driven decisions and optimize your business with Blackbell's comprehensive reports and analytics, giving you a 360-degree view of your service-selling performance.
Small businesses & Agencies
Blackbell is a platform suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, web and marketing agency partners.
Blackbell's platform provides a suite of tools designed specifically to help small and medium-sized businesses manage their operations and grow their customer base.
Blackbell is an excellent platform for marketing agencies seeking to help their clients expand. It streamlines the process of creating and managing client growth.
Blackbell's comprehensive platform can greatly benefit web agencies working with SMBs by providing efficient tools for creating and managing campaigns, simplifying the task of nurturing client growth.
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